Mission Statement:
Your Mother Dances was created to feature the work of choreographer and founder Elizabeth Johnson and to promote a cultural paradigm shift in the arts, specifically dance. We aim to defy clichéd and hierarchical stereotypes of women as dancers and choreographers in particular but also in all professional, social, and cultural spheres in which women make significant contributions. The company name says it all: in juxtaposing ironic "your mama" humor with the reality that women dance artists are in fact hard working professionals and parents, we emphasize that it is this juggling of roles that make us vital contributors to our communities.
Your Mother Dances is committed to presenting potent, vivid, theatrical, and virtuosic dance works reflective of our seemingly irreconcilable characters. Our mission is to amplify the marginalized voices of women dancers of all backgrounds, ages, and stripes by making work that reflects our multifaceted experience. The dilemmas presented by the many hats we wear are reflected in dances that are satisfyingly physical and cerebral, intricate yet accessible, frank without self-righteousness, tragically funny, and ultimately reflective of our common efforts to somehow transcend the impossible expectations of modern life. Your Mother Dances, is committed to artistic integrity and dance art that engages rigorous embodied physicality, depth of thought, and relevant social dialogue and community involvement.
How Embarrassing

Your mother bends over backwards for you.

Elizabeth Johnson, Artistic Director